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Lot 1

Spring Creeks Kareem 8005K

1/13/2022 • HOMO POLLED (T) • BLACK • NPM2518130 • LMIT 8005K • PUREBRED LIMOUSIN 

Lot 15

Spring Creeks Kopperhead Road 

3/19/2022 • HOMO POLLED (P-3) • BLACK • LFM2520119 • BMAS 5078K • LimFlex

Lot 16

Spring Creeks Kayce Dutton

3/09/2022 •    HOMO POLLED (T) •     HOMO BLACK (T) • LFM2520115 • BMAS 2002K • LIMFLEX

Lot 27

Spring Creeks Iconic 1105

3/9/2022 • 20545669 • 1105 • ANGUS

Lot 8

Spring Creeks Kevin Costner 

3/9/2022 • HOMO POLLED (P-2) • HOMO BLACK (P-1) • LFM2520114 • BMAS 4225K • LimFlex

Spring Creeks Cattle Company is a family farm owned and operated by three brothers, their families, and their parents.  The farm's location is nestled in the picturesque Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin.  

The family started the farm in 1974 in Montfort, WI raising cattle and a few crops.  In 1992, they started in the seedstock business with Limousin cattle for their carcass merit (lean and muscular) and the people that were involved in the breed.  After moving the herd and family to Crawford County, they diversified the herd by adding Angus cattle.  They now raise and sell Angus, Limousin, Red Angus and LimFlex cattle.  


Spring Creeks Cattle Company has an annual joint female production sale in the fall and an annual bull and female sale in February.  Cattle are sold off the farm as well throughout the year.  The Mitchells recently started selling beef directly to consumers by the quarter or by the individual package.  


Spring Creeks Cattle Company prides themselves on continually improving the herds' genetics to meet the demands of customers and the beef industry.