Premium Natural Beef

Delivery to Madison, within 60 miles of Boscobel, Wi or pickup on farm.

A juicy tenderloin picture from a happy customer. 

At Spring Creeks Cattle Company we take pride in selecting quality genetics that lead to a quality premium product and enjoyable dining experience for our customers. 

Purchase beef from Spring Creeks Cattle Company by the package or by the quarter.  Price list for ordering individual packages is below.

Beef by the quarter, half or whole  - $3.50/lb based on hanging weight, plus processing.    A typical quarter's hanging weight is approximately 225 lbs, which would yields around 150 lbs of beef in your freezer per quarter. Processing fees average $200-$250 per quarter.  You will fill your freezer!  You call the processing plant with your cutting instructions.  

The Certified Angus Beef website breaks down the beef into various cuts that you could have packaged for your freezer.

Purchasing on hanging weight is a common method.  It is the weight the processing plant uses to assess charges. You pay us for the beef based on hanging weight.  And you pay the processing plant for harvesting, cutting and wrapping based on hanging weight.

Weight for a whole steer typically ranges from 750-850 pound hanging weight. Keep in mind that processing removes much of the bone and waste resulting in approximately 61-63% net product. 

Beef is available year round. Delivery is available to Marshfield, Madison and LaCrosse (WI).  Prices are subject to change based on market prices and demand. 

To place your order:

How much beef am I getting in a 1/4 of beef? 

This is the approximate breakdown of what comes with a 1/4 of beef.  Roasts can also be made into stew meat or ground beef or beef patties.  Roasts are typically close to 3# each and steaks are typically cut to 1" thick.  You can ask for the roast size and steak thickness to be different.